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Just a note to say yes! I’m working on the site. If something is scary looking, don’t panic. It won’t last. :)

Fantastic Friday!

» In my neck of the woods, it’s truly a fantastic Friday! This is the THIRD day in a row we’ve had sun, & it’s due to be here all weekend! Methinks a nice long drive is in order…

» Gluten-free wonton wrappers. Similar to the infamous oopsie rolls; I’ll definitely be trying these soon, perhaps even for pierogies. I’ve had such wonderful luck with the oopsie pizza crust – you’d honestly never know that it’s not flour!

» You do know about Cake Wrecks, right?

» BABY ELEPHANT! Seriously, does it get any more adorable than a baby elephant playing with mommy? I didn’t think so.

» Speaking of elephants, did you see Kurt Halsey’s two adorable intertwined inks back in January? I just discovered them this week.

“We dance round in circles and suppose,
But the Secret sits in the middle, and knows.”
Robert Frost

» c/o Pasta Queen, the exact thoughts of every person living in the Midwest.

» Hosting a party sometime soon? Check out this list of yummy appetizers!

» While everyone else is excited about the new Alice in Wonderland, I personally cannot wait to see The Secret of Kells. At this point, the music & animation is so gorgeous, I won’t care if the plot is the silliest thing ever written. What I’ve seen reminds me quite a lot of The Last Unicorn – perhaps I’ll dig that out this weekend.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Last summer, I discovered Lush. I know there are products out there which are more natural, but Lush does an above average job and the ability to buy body products using zero packaging is a huge plus for me. After ditching my body wash for their bar soaps, I turned to their shampoos, and then the conditioner. That was three bottles banished from my shower already.

I am still in love with the soaps and the shampoo (although I’m slowly trying to transition to no-poo, or less-poo anyway), but I came up against a wall with the conditioner. Their other products seem to last much longer than their bottled counterparts, making the extra cost more than worthwhile, but I could easily go through a $15 chunk of the conditioner in a month. I am a firm believer that being green can save you money and this product was not meshing.

So I needed to find something else. My number one priority was that it could not come in packaging. I considered buying a conditioner bar on etsy, but the shipping and packaging that came in wouldn’t really be helping my cause. After searching for conditioner recipes, I finally decided to try the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse.

I really had no hopes for it. My hair has always been pretty picky and in desperate need of serious conditioning. There have been times in my life where the back of my hair will basically turn to straw unless I deep condition on a regular basis. Vinegar and water did not seem like they should cut it.

My first batch was just about half a cup of ACV diluted with about three or four cups of water. After cautiously trying it, I was way impressed how soft my hair turned out. It didn’t melt into my hair like regular conditioners, and my distrust of the mixture led me to add oils to my hair which left it greasy the first few days, but after I got the hang of it, it worked great.

I’ve been off of conditioner and 100% into this cheap, green and effective way of treating my hair for about a month and a half now. I’ve been experimenting with different ingredients and applications. Now I use chamomile tea to soften my hair, rosemary to darken it (or at least offset the chamomile’s lightening properties) and clary sage because I like the scent and it helps oily hair. I think I’ve finally got it down so here’s my refined technique:

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse
(measurements very approximate)
1/2 cup ACV (I measure this by putting about an inch into the bottle shown in the picture)
Fill the rest of the bottle (about 3 or 4 cups) with chamomile tea
Add a sprig or 2 of rosemary
A few drops of clary sage essential oil or other essential oil that’s beneficial to hair.

If possible, let sit for at least a week. I make two bottles at a time so one is always getting infused by the rosemary while I’m using the other. I go through a bottle in about 3 weeks, using it every other day. The bottles I use are from the Synergy Kombucha drinks I used to buy. I’ve heard other people like spray bottles better.

In the shower pour a bit on after rinsing with water or shampooing, then comb through with a wide toothed comb. Make sure to rinse out thoroughly, especially at the roots. I usually put a tiny drop of jojoba oil on my fingertips and work through the ends of my hair once it’s dry to cut down on flyaways.

And that’s it! Once you get the technique down and get used to the different feel of your hair without the heaviness of conditioner, you won’t want to go back, if just for the fact you’re dumbfounded you ever spent so much money on conditioners before.

Beautiful Words

I can’t think of a better way to live.

Fantastic Friday!

» Did you see these birds over at Cute Overload last week? They absolutely make me smile. I do love the birds around here, but I gotta say, I wish we had some of these around!

» Ten Do’s and Don’ts for Speakers - I daresay these have relevance for bloggers as well!

» Gala Darling recieved an interesting letter from someone about self-love & self-acceptance. It’s quite a wonderful & inspiring read! Personally, I rather adore her new project entitled Radical Self Love – it’s a refreshing change from iCiNG & something that most of us absolutely need more of in our lives!

» 101 Posts for the All-Around Well-Balanced Life, c/o of The Book of Wisdom. They’ve really done our homework for us!

» Life before Google: A Short Story.

» Crystal Renn for ELLE Canada – the world’s highest paid “plus-size” model in a wonderful spread. Very beautiful & a refreshing change from both size twos and the usual “girls of all sizes” editorials that most fashion magazines (fail to) do. This is a nice interview from Time magazine about her book, Hungry, which talks about her switch from unhealthy & unhappy at size zero to the exact opposite as a plus-size model. I’ve got it on hold at my library!

» Could you go sixty days without sugar? Sally & her husband over at Aprovechar are trying to. I’ve so far gone a little over two months without pasta, but I can’t imagine giving up all sugar. Honey on hot chicken wings is far too yummy!

» mnmlist talks about clearing distractions - this is the post that partly inspired me to cut back on my social networking.

» In the same vein, here’s a list of 7 Simple Ways You Can Disconnect. Try it over the weekend!

» This will not end well.

Dear readers, what’s been fantastic in your life this week?

Okay, so: Story!

This is the story of why I couldn’t order our Chinese food before I left for work.

Brace yourself – it’s quite the epic story. Worth telling, nonetheless.

Next Thursday, we’re having the Mad Hatter’s Simply Maddening Tea Party at my library in celebration of the new Alice in Wonderland movie. The teens are quite excited, & as such, on Tuesday we went shopping for all the various things you need to put on a fabulous teen program. After picking up some sundry items from Target, we went to Hot Topic to get some prizes – buttons & keychains, etc. It’s always fun talking to the people who work there, now that I am no longer they’re target demographic. I mentioned we were having the party, & they say hey! You should bring us some flyers, & we’ll put them out here!


Yesterday, Wednesday, my co-worker Steve & I attended a meeting at one of our branch locations. I offered to drive, since I don’t always have the car (my fiance & I share one), & often bum rides off Steve. I took along some flyers with me, so we could drop them off at the mall on our way back. We also made a quick stop at a local used paperback bookstore – hey, we are librarians, after all. There was an issue with the door (I drive a rather old car), but in the end we realized that the seatbelt was simply caught & thus the door could actually be shut completely.

Then we go to the mall, stop & Hot Topic & drop off the flyers. Eventually, we make it back to the library – at which point Steve realizes he doesn’t have his car key.

Which was the only copy.


And so the calls begin – first to the library branch where the meeting was held, then to sort out my parents pensioner insurance like this, then to the used paperback store, & then Hot Topic. They mention that although they’ve found a random cell phone, they have, in fact, not found a key. Steve calls his wife & the car dealer to see how they can go about getting a new key, since it’s one of those fancy programmable ones with a chip (don’t you just love technology?!), & we look everywhere. The parking lot, the library lost & found, in & around my car, etc. We try to see if maybe he somehow left it in his car, but we don’t see it.

Le sigh. It seems to have disappeared.

I mention that although it wasn’t in the used paperback store, perhaps it fell out when we were fussing with the door in the parking lot? It’s a long shot, but there’s a chance. As it’s already starting to get dark, we head off immediately.

Steve digs around a little more in the car while he’s in the passenger side, & that’s when he spots it. There’s an evil little place between the middle… armrest/random stuff holder thing & the passenger seat. I lost my engagement ring in this evil little place once, & our iPod constantly falls down there. I personally believe gravity has an extra-strong hold in this vortex of doom, but I’ve no rock solid evidence to back this up. Someday, my 2000 Saturn LS will become the centerpiece in a vast scientific experiment with earth-shattering ramifications, just you wait.

Anyways – back to the story. Much relief is felt by both parties, & I take Steve back to the library so he can drive home in his car.

I proceed to the post office to mail off a few things, as people are wont to do at such a place. Then I reach into my purse to call Sam to see if he’d like Chinese for dinner & if so I’ll also call them to place our order for sesame chicken & two egg rolls.

My phone is not there.

Now, before we can proceed, we must rewind to the beginning of the story, to my visit to Hot Topic the previous day, when we were picking up prizes for the Mad Hatter’s Simply Maddening Tea Party. You see, as I was paying & the nice guy with the flyer idea was trying to remember how to perform a tax exempt transaction, my (very small but perfect!) purse was knocked off the counter. My wallet fell out, & I, assuming that was all, proceeded to sign the receipt & left.

Hot Topic totally had my phone. That’d fallen out along with my wallet when my purse hit the ground. & I would’ve never known if that evil little vortex hadn’t swallowed Steve’s key, thus requiring Steve to call Hot Topic.

Funny how things work, isn’t it?

So after this realization, I drive to Hot Topic, & ask for my badly cracked (but still usable!) phone back. They told me they only called Japan twice, but had otherwise kept my phone safe. Silly Hot Topic employees. Of course, my phone had no more juice left, & so I couldn’t call for Chinese until I got home & could use Sam’s phone. Which is exactly what I did – sesame chicken & two egg rolls.

So that’s the story of why I couldn’t order Chinese food until after I got home. I think I’ll remember this for ages.